A visit with Jerry

Mitchell Slepian
3 min readNov 8, 2020


Anat jogged down to the children’s center in her new black Lacoste trainers. She had the Psychedelic Furs “Heartbreak Beat” pumping into her Apple EarPods. She loves that band. Funny enough this song has special meaning to Marc. He experienced many firsts, whether they be in camp, college or elsewhere with that tune playing.

She jogged right into the front door. Ann was there. The two hugged. She asked if she was allowed to tell Jerry he was going home with her in 10 days. Ann told her to keep it quiet. She could tell him soon enough. Both of them had medical exams. Both were fine. Anat was able to hide her powers during the tests. She planned on testing Jerry. She knew about his dad’s mischievous powers.
Jerry smiled and jumped into her arms. Tears fell from her eyes. Ann was leaving the center to go buy brownies for a child’s birthday party. For some reason, the bakery was usually out of them. She hoped she’d get lucky and they’d be in stock.

As she walked out Jay who had been camped out on the roof for days jumped down and knocked her onto the ground. She screamed. He punched her in the mouth. She was bleeding. A security guard heard her yells and came out. He punched Jay, who laughed. One of the center’s physicians came out and started to treat Ann.

Anat was still inside playing games with Jerry. His friends were watching. She wondered if he’d miss them. She didn’t want him to go back here. But she wanted him to still see these kids. She knew they formed a special bond.
She kissed him goodbye and headed toward the exit. She saw a commotion going on out front and heard sirens. She saw Ann on the ground bleeding. She saw a security guard being beaten up. Then her eyes opened wide and she saw Jay.

As usual, she was dressed in all black. The corridor where she was standing was painted black. She clung to the wall. She opened her hands and fired raisins and dates at Jay. She hit him in the head. But he didn’t stop. He punched the security guard again. The sounds of the sirens were getting nearer. But not fast enough. Anat had no clue if it was the NYPD or EMTs. She hoped for EMTs. She could handle Jay.

No one noticed her. They were too focused on the chaos outside. She kept firing dried fruit. Jay took a step back when the giant raisin nailed him in the eye. He fired glass into the air.

Anat deflected it with prunes. She added figs into the mix. She knew she was on her own. Marc and Alana were going out to Reno to meet Marc’s best friend’s old roommate. This guy spends his time between Reno and the Bronx.
Anat kept firing. She aimed for Jay’s eyes.

He was bleeding out of his mouth and nose. People started to go back into the center. She figured the cops would come to file a report. They must be on their way. Dan was off today. She didn’t want to bother him.

She looked at Jay from a distance and fired some more. She hit him in the back of his neck. He started to run.

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Mitchell Slepian