It was a perfect fall day at Central Park’s Great Lawn. Alana arrived very early. She staked out her ground. She put blue and pink blankets six feet apart. Tzipora didn’t find out the sex of her baby. She wanted to be surprised. Didn’t make a difference for gifts. These days most people just gave Amazon gift cards for everything. Therefore, she could buy whatever she wanted when the kid came. She and Eran already chose names. He was all for the surprise, too. No arguments from him.

Stacey was helping Alana. Stacey was still seeing the guy she met a few months ago. She was happy. The ladies assembled on the lawn. Eran and Tzipora walked by the Great Lawn as she walked by she heard the ladies call her name. She stopped so fast she almost tripped over her own two feet. She started blushing. Eran kissed her and said he’d be back later. Trizpora marched over to the center pink and blue blanket and sat down.

Alana brought out the picnic baskets. Hummus and falafel were served with fresh-squeezed juices. There were fruit platters. They even included dates, apricots and raisins. Alana asked Anat about those. The Bumpboxx was playing a mix of Israeli music, Joy Division, Television, the Ramones and Ultravox. All were smiling.

Marc was perched up in a tree. Alana is the only one who knew he was there. He was ready to be a sniper or jump down and attack Jay if the occasion arose.

The ladies told old stories about Tzipora and were so excited she was about to enter motherhood. As usual, Alana was depressed. But she smiled. She knew she’d never have a kid. She was even hoping that Anat got Jerry. Things were looking good in that direction.

Alana knew her mission was to provide protection and be with Marc. The two of them haven’t fought each other for so long. We know how close they are. We’ve witnessed several of their fights. But those seem to be done. The two couldn’t be closer.

Alana went to the cooler in her car and brought out the baby-shaped ice cream cake. She cut it up and put it on top of brownies. She served coffee and tea. She had plenty of milk for those who took their beverages with it.

All was still quiet.

Jay was lurking around the Central Park Boathouse. He was wounded from his fight with Anat, Marc and Alana. But was getting ready for an attack.

Originally published at on October 26, 2020.