After Anat’s successful bridal shower, Marc borrowed Alana’s car and went up to camp. Marc was very worried about some of the campsites. The clowns that run this place, who call themselves professionals really screwed up.

Marc had to make sure the property was safe. Plus, he needed time in his old leanto, the lake and dining hall. If only his favorite latrine still stood. He would go pray by the tip pan. That’s all that’s left of the social center of his youth.

Marc pulled into the parking lot. The gate leading into the camp was closed. That never…

Coughing like a maniac Jay rose from the rose. He wasn’t submerged for too long. His eyes were bloodshot. But they usually are. Marc saw him rising. He jumped off the roof of the Central Park Boathouse and landed in the water. He was firing pomegranates the whole time. Marc landed in the lake. Jay shot glass at him. Marc pelted him with the ‘ole camp standard-Dead fish. He wondered if Jay remembered this. Possibly. However, he and Marc weren’t in the same group. Marc’s group were the master of dead fish fights.

By this point, most of us New Yorkers have ridden the subway. Some of us have ridden it many times. I took my first ride, June 2020 when they reopened barbershops. The subway cars were very clean and empty. I took several more rides as the summer progressed and haven’t stopped.

The rides were pleasant. But something was missing. Or was it? During the early rides, the “entertainers” were not there. …

Marc had a group of summer interns at his office. He’s only met one personally. Thanks to COVID-19, all work is done remotely. Marc doesn’t care. But he misses his office. He likes to talk baseball and Star Wars with his officemates. He doesn’t get the same satisfaction doing it online.

Marc finished a Zoom with his crew. They were sweet young college kids. He planned an end of summer lunch at PJ Clarke’s on the Hudson. He figured it’d be nice to get them together even it was a farewell.

Of course, he was annoyed at some of the…

Thanks to COVID-19 Alana had been working from home. Today she finally went back to her office. For the most part, she did like working there. The office was having its employees rotate-some days home-some days in-house.

Alana was happy to see Jill and Murray. They were her buds. She saw Bill in the corridor. He was a nice guy. An older fellow waiting for retirement. He no longer cared about work or anything. He had been demoted two levels. But kept his salary and other benefits. …

Anat woke up with a splitting headache. She knew she was fine. It was just jitters about her wedding. She and Dan set a date. But she had so much work to do. As smart as she is, She’s completely clueless about wedding planning. They knew they’d honeymoon in Israel. That was about all she was able to plan.

She was still ruminating over talking to her parents. She wanted them to see how she cleaned up. Ann suggested she give it more thought. She knew what Anat had been like. …

Recently, the CDC has relaxed mask guidance for COVID-19. As a result, states and cities have implemented their programs following the CDC’s mandate.

In my neighborhood mask wearing was not frequent from the beginning. Now it is almost not at all. I lived in mine and dealt with its issues, as written about in previous posts. See Pandemic Watch: Forgotten mask, Pandemic Watch: What will we do with our masks and gloves at the end?andMasks and Gloves.

Happily, engaged. Nervous. Scared. All of that described Anat. All her life she was miserable, picked, friendless and socially awkward. It didn’t stop her from getting great grades and securing a good job. Here she was a mom and engaged.

She debated in her mind if she should tell her parents. She hasn’t spoken to them in decades. The first person she told was Anne. She was the one who prepped her for her dates with Dan. More importantly, she helped with the adoption of Jerry after she saved him when he was abandoned by his parents.

Anne was elated…

Alana took care of Jay on her own. He was stoned and sitting on the hood of her Infiniti. She went nuts. She sprayed him with so much wine and figs. She nailed him in the head with an apple. He fell off the car and hit his head on the pavement. Alana told Tzipora to jump in. She sped away onto the FDR Drive.

Meanwhile, Marc was home having a debate with his friends about who was better Bauhaus or the Sisters of Mercy. This debate has been going on for decades. He and his gang loved them all…

Alana and Tzipora went for a walk. Tzipora was carrying Shira. The two ladies had not seen each other in a while. Tzipora just went back to work from maternity leave and was spending all of her free time with her baby and Eran. Everything was going well. Shira is a sweet, easy-going infant.

The two were at the South Street Seaport. They looked at the boats. Shira was so calm. As usual, Alana’s heart and soul were wishing for a kid. But she knew that wasn’t her true calling. The two ladies walked toward the Brooklyn Bridge.
Jay was living…

Mitchell Slepian

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